Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head

Manufacturer High Pressure Showers
Manufacturer Part No TASCK137A1
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Price From $72.50 to $94.50
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Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head is different, and this will be apparent from the moment you first see it. The sculpted appearance, brass construction and hand polished finish are all second to none. The ideal, low water pressure solution, showerhead for someone who is looking for an old fashioned shower whether you are on city or well water. What really sets the 4 Jet apart from the crowd is its performance, and how you will feel once you step into the shower. It is almost indescribable. Just be prepared to start singing in the shower like you are at the symphony. With the turn of a lever you can easily adjust the spray pattern - from a powerful, invigorating full four jet spray to an almost gentle waterfall like feel, and everything in between. Available in Chrome, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Also available for sale on at Chrome: See it working:

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Special shower head for CA
Sheila Fox (Nappa Valley, CA) 11/29/2015 10:27 AM
I was speaking with Customer Service and I am aware that Take A that they have developed a special shower heads for drought stricken areas in their low water pressure designed shower heads. This shower head will present a high pressure flow with the restricted flow required by Federal law.This flow of water will provide a relaxing and cleansing shower that will provide the necessary water flow for a good shower. I am glad this technology has been developed to help people with low water pressure situations and also protect water supplies.Check out their website at
4 Jets of comfort
James Shea (Wells, NM) 11/27/2015 10:02 AM
If you are having problems with low water pressure in your shower you could be having a multitude of issues.You should consider ceaning your shower head to improve water flow. Naturally water contains minerals that get clogged in the fine holes of your shower head.A good soaking in some plain white vinegar should do the trick. If it doesn't then you are probably looking at replacing that shower head. That is what I had to do after all of the above. I went on and ordered a Fire Hydrant Spa Symphony 4 Jet shower head. What a difference that shower head made. It was especially designed to handle low water pressure and really improved my water flow to the point of my shower being like it is brand new and gives me a real quality shower.It did the trick.
worth every penney
Todd Farlane (Rome, NY) 11/24/2015 2:17 PM
I was having problems with my old showerhead. It seemed like it was really clogged up with sediment. I did a search on the internet to read up for some recommendations and it was suggested that I take it off the shower arm, put in in a bucket and let it soak overnight after putting lime and rust remover into the bucket. I did this. In the morning the solution took the chrome finish off the showerhead and left a stained showerhead that looked worse than when I started. I had had enough. I found and ordered this very good looking special low water pressure showerhead called the Fire Hydrant Spa 4 Jet with a Chrome finish. I put this on the shower arm, turned my hot water on and it was like I have a brand new shower now. I am now able to take a great, relaxing shower and get absolutely clean.