Fire Hydrant Spa Ultimate 8 Jet Shower Head

Manufacturer High Pressure Showers
Manufacturer Part No TASCK139A1
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Price From $199.95 to $263.50
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The Fire Hydrant Spa Ultimate 8 Jet Shower Head is different, and this will be apparent from the moment you first see it. The sculpted appearance, brass construction and hand polished finish are all second to none. The ideal, low water pressure solution, showerhead for someone who is looking for an old fashioned shower whether you are on city or well water. What really sets the 8 Jet apart from the crowd is its performance, and how you will feel once you step into the shower. It is almost indescribable. Just be prepared to start singing in the shower. With the turn of a lever you can easily adjust the spray pattern - from a powerful, invigorating full eight jet spray to an almost gentle waterfall like feel, and everything in between. Available in Chrome, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Also Available at at Chrome: See it working:

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Never seen a shower head this nice.
Chris F. (Orange, CT) 8/24/2016 7:46 AM
I found Take A Shower LLC on the internet. They have some really nice shower head designs which are know as the "Fire Hydrant series." They specialize in design for people that are suffering with low water pressure in their showers. I bought an eight jet Fire Hydrant Spa Ultimate 8 Jet Shower Head in a chrome finish. With the instructions provided I had it installed and running in no time. The powerful hot water flow was excellent. It was a lot better than my old shower head.
Best of the Best
Gail Vanderbuilt (Brentwood, CA) 12/17/2015 10:37 AM
I looked into Take A Shower LLC's website at They have one of the best shower heads for sale that I ever have seen. It is a top quality shower head called the Fire Hydrant Spa Ultimate 8 Jet Shower Head,The Brass construction is second to none. It is heavy, and should last for years. It is designed to help people that have problems with low water pressure coming into their homes. This is really the best shower head made for people with low water pressure. I am so glad I bought this shower head. It has turned the powerful water back on in my shower and I am able to enjoy my showers again.
One of the better shower heads I have owned.
Ben Brown (Dallas, TX) 11/30/2015 10:26 AM
I have the perfect gift for my sister. She has brass plumbing in her master bathroom. On her shower she has a regular chrome shower head that has been there for years. I found the Fire Hydrant Spa Ultimate 8 jet shower head and bought on for my house in a brass finish. This is a heavy quality shower head that turned the water pressure in my shower around. My shower now is powerful, it gets me clean and is very relaxing. I am going to send her a brass 8 jet shower head. They really are excellent shower heads and will last them for years. They will see this shower head every day and think of me. My wife feels this is a great idea. I hope this makes their Christmas. Thank you Take A Shower LLC.
This is the best shower head I have ever seen.
Hyman Burke (Trenton, NJ) 11/25/2015 11:27 AM
Update your shower head. I have. There are some great newly designed shower heads out there especially designed for people that suffer from low water pressure coming into their homes. I found that the Ultimate shower head I found on is the Fire Hydrant Spa Ultimate 8 Jet Shower Head. This shower head gives me the most powerful, pulsating hot shower I have ever had. It will get you clean and relax your entire body. Fantastic!