The Original Best Handheld for low water pressure Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Deluxe Handheld

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Fire Hydrant Spa Deluxe Plaza Massager Handheld Shower Head, with Dura stretch hose, was designed to solve your problems with low water pressure in your shower. This hand held is an improvement over our Massager Hand Held. This handheld shower head is like you are connected to a fire hydrant. The Massager Handheld provides consistent spray velocity, like a fire hose, over a wide range of water pressures for consistent performance and customer satisfaction (just like a day at the spa) - regardless of whether or not you are on a well or city water. You will get a stronger, more powerful and invigorating shower with a handheld then you ever thought possible. Before you say impossible you must try one. Available directly from this website or on 59" Hose 78" Hose We were recently reviewed at and have been awarded the Best Handheld Shower Head for Low Water Pressure at and As soon as the links are up we will post a link to the article. Hurray here is to winning the Best Handheld Low Water Pressure Shower Head 2016 or Best Rain Handheld High Pressure Shower Head of 2016! Watch it working at:

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William Muthig (Okatie, SC) 4/7/2017 8:30 AM
Do you want to get wet when you take a shower? If so this is the shower head for you! You may not need soap to get clean! This shower head really puts out the water with pressure. You may need to wear a life jacket when using this shower head because of the amount of water it puts out.
Love my new handheld
Winnie G (Durham, NC) 10/18/2016 6:47 AM
I bought a new Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Deluxe Hand held from Take A Shower LLC. This is one of my better purchases. This shower head was a replacement that was old and rusty. It really improved the performance of my shower and made it really easy to get the soap out of my hair. The price I paid was reasonable and this shower head is well worth the money. I found this 78 inch handheld shower head on under the search of Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Deluxe Handheld.
Best handheld showerhead
Tony A (Detroit, MI) 10/13/2016 8:56 AM
I was looking on for a quality handheld massager showerhead. I found the Fire Hydrant Spa Massager showerhead with the 59 inch dura flex hose. I ordered it and within two days I had it delivered. With the instructions provided I was able to install it within minutes. I took my first shower with it and found the water pressure coming out of the showerhead was amazing. It was relaxing and very cleansing. I am very happy with my purchase.
quality design
Juan C (Mexico City, Mexico) 9/24/2016 1:06 PM
I have found a great shower head design that helps people with low water pressure in their homes. I bought a Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Deluxe Handheld with the 59 inch Dura flex hose. It was very easy to install and it helped the poor water pressure that I had in my home. I can now jump in my shower and expect a flow of water that will get the soap out of my hair.
Great handheld for the money
Norman S (Jacksonville, FL) 9/21/2016 6:56 AM
I feel a need to review a handheld shower head I just purchased on The shower head is called the Fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Deluxe Handheld with the 59 inch dura flex hose. I received my shower head within two days after ordering it. It was easy and quick to install it thanks to the easily understood directions. The plumbers tape and water tight rubber washers came with the shower head making it very easy to install a watertight seal. When I take a shower now I enjoy the powerful pulsating water flow of hot water. I can either sit down and shower or stand to get a reply cleansing shower. Great handheld shower head!