Push Button Shut Off

Item Number 019962466557
Manufacturer Take A Shower
Manufacturer Part No TASRAI305
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Product Description

With a push button you can turn your water down, or off, while you are enjoying your shower. Turn it back on when you are done lathering up, shaving or cleaning up your little ones. A very simple way to reduce your water & energy costs. This can be used with any shower head. Solid Brass. Please note: this piece was designed to drip slightly when you temporarily turn off the water flow using the on-off push button if you are looking for complete shut off please see the Complete Shut Off Valve.  . Available in chrome. Standard threads.

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Product Reviews

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Great shower flow turn off device.
Bruce Fedder (Springfield,MA) 3/14/2015 8:58 AM
Ever try and clean your dog off in the shower. I wish I had three hands. This Push Button Shut Off solves this problem. Use a hand held shower head from www.highpressureshowers.com. Turn the shower on, direct it to your handheld, and use this Push Button Shut Off to turn the hand held off and on. Rise off the pooch, child, turn the button off, add soap, shampoo, rinse lather ,repeat. Add a Fire Hydrant Massager Deluxe Hand Held with the 79 inch dura stretch hose and it will make your job easy.This push button device will drip slightly between soap applications, but the quality low water pressure handheld shower head will increase the water pressure coming from your water supply. This will make washing the dog, child, any items, easier. We love our children and Pets.
brass shut off
Joseph Dalhart (Lubbock, Tx) 8/1/2014 12:54 PM
I found this neat item on www.take-a-shower.com. It is something that is hard to find. It works well with low water pressure shower heads as I have a problem with low water pressure here in Texas. We have to conserve water. This push button shut off is excellent for saving water. You can lather up and with just a push button you can rinse your hair.It actually creates higher pressure coming out of my shower head. It is well worth the money. I am very happy with it.
Convenient hard to find shower accessory.
Alicia Holmes (Silicon Valley, Ca) 7/27/2014 3:39 PM
Found this item on www.take-a-shower.com. This is a new low water pressure shower head company based in the great state of Florida.This push button shut off for low water pressure problems is great. You push the button, lather up, push the button when you are ready to rinse.The design helps to increase the low water pressure I had in my shower. I am very happy with this item.
Convenient hard to find shower accessory
Josh Wellfleet (Detroit Mi.) 7/24/2014 9:29 AM
Cruising the web I found a great little quality made item that allows you to push a button to shut off your water when you are showering. I found this item on www.highpressureshowers.com. Great item!Push the button to shut off the water, push the button to turn the water back on. It was easy to install. It is also perfect as I have a low water pressure problem where I live .This website has all kinds of shower heads and accessories especially designed for low water pressure. I am very happy with my purchase.
Handy water shut off item.
James Hill (New Haven, Ct) 7/18/2014 5:17 AM
I found this handy item on www.highpressureshowerheads.com. When you are showering all you do is push a button to shut off the flow of water for your low water pressure shower head. It is especially designed for the low water pressure shower head.I could not be happier with my purchase.