Fire Hydrant All Brass Water Control Diverter

Item Number 019962466458
Manufacturer Take A Shower
Manufacturer Part No TASRAI306
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Price $38.50

Product Description

Fits between the shower arm and your shower head, it allows you to slow down the water or turn it off while you lather up, shave or clean up the little ones. Available in chrome. Standard Threads.

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Convenient turn off valve
Dana Duprey (Wethersfield,CT) 3/24/2015 12:20 PM has some cool accessories. I bought this All Brass Water Control Diverter which made it a lot easier to wash our dog in the shower. Turn the water on to wash him off, turn the water off to soap him up.This allows you to free up a hand for other uses.Works well on the special low water pressure shower heads that you can buy on this website.The hand held and wall shower heads are all powerful and will increase the water pressure in your shower. This will fit all the low water pressure shower heads from
Quality water control diverter
Wendell Holmes (Beaufort,SC) 3/21/2015 10:31 AM
This water diverter fits all the low water pressure hoses and low water pressure shower heads from Attach it on a dura flex hose on your handheld shower head and wash your pets,kids,clothes. It lets you conserve water while in the shower. Easy off and on. I love mine and recommend it.
Makes it easy to wash your children or pets.
Ivy Hender (Syracuse, NY) 3/18/2015 7:14 AM
Great item to have attached to a hand held shower head made especially made for low water pressure applications and will work with all the shower heads sold at Ever wish you had a third hand while holding your child or pet in the tub? With a turn of a lever you can rinse off, lather up and rise again very easily.
Small water heater?
Ruth Gallo (Trenton,NJ) 3/14/2015 8:47 AM
I have a small apartment where the small water heater they have here creates hot water but the amount that gets heated does not last that long. I found a great accessory on all Brass Water Control Diverter allows you to turn the shower water on and off with just a quick turn of a brass handle. This saves your hot water for when you need it. Turn it off to apply soap, turn it on fully or reduce the power to get the soap out. It easily attaches to the shower arm between the arm and the shower head. Attach a special low water pressure shower head and enjoy the increased velocity to rinse off completely.The shower head will increase the water pressure for you.This is the best of both worlds.Reasonablly priced and well made.
water control diverter
Joe Grants (Eureka, Ca.) 7/31/2014 10:42 AM
What can I say about an item that is really hard to find. Made out of brass ,this diverter allows you to control the flow of your shower head.I purchased it after reviewing the reviews and watching the videos of this item.I am very happy. Take a shower LLC has done a good job with this design.You can find them at This item is well worth the money for a low water pressure device.I don't usually review my purchases but every once in a while when I come across a quality product with a reasonable price I will review it.